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News Scan

CO Fourth Graders Sell Pot at School: School officials in Colorado are urging parents to keep their newly-legalized marijuana locked up and in a safe place after two fourth graders were caught selling the drug at their elementary school.  Clayton Sandell of ABC News reports that the two boys involved took the marijuana from the grandparent's home and began selling and trading it to other students.  One of the young boys took in $11 and an edible marijuana treat.  The students involved are expected to be suspended for a lengthy period of time. Officials have not said if any criminal charges will be filed.  

FL Executes Convicted Double-Murderer: A Florida man convicted in the double murder of his cousin and his cousin's wife was executed Wednesday evening after spending more than 20 years on the state's death row.  Susan Jacobson of the Orlando Sentinel reports that 47-year-old Robert Hendrix brutally murdered the young couple in an effort to prevent his cousin from testifying against him at burglary trial.  Hendrix became the fourth person executed by the state of Florida so far this year.

PRCS Offender Arrested in Major Drug Bust: A California man free on Post Release Community Supervision (PRCS) under the Governor's Realignment law was arrested Wednesday afternoon in what Citrus Heights police are calling the city's largest drug bust.  Kim Minugh of the Sacramento Bee reports that 31-year-old Jeremy Zahn was arrested and charged with several felonies after officers searched a "stash house" and found multiple firearms, hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash, and 858 pounds of marijuana-which authorities say has an estimated street value of nearly $2.5 million.  Officers believe this trafficking operation began in September, around the time Zahn was released on PRCS.

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