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News Scan

CA High Court Upholds Death Sentence: By a vote of 7-0, the California Supreme Court upheld the death sentence and murder convictions of serial killer William Suff.  Marylin Jacobsen of The Press Enterprise reports that 63-year-old Suff was sentenced to death in 1995 after being convicted of murder as many as 12 women throughout Southern California between 1989 and 1991.  Suff was sentenced to 70 years in prison in 1974 for the murder of his two-month-old daughter, but was paroled and released from Texas to California after serving just ten years.

Philadelphia Courts Failed to Report Thousands of Drug Convictions: A recently released report by the Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper has revealed that the state court system failed for years to follow a state law enacted to keep dangerous drivers convicted of drug offenses off the road.  The Associated Press reports that the law requires each county to notify the state's Department of Transportation whenever someone is convicted of a drug crime.  The first offense results in an automatic six-month license suspension.  According to the report, roughly 11,500 people were supposed to be reported to the Department of Transportation  in 2012, but only four were. 

Egypt Sentences Hundreds to Death in Mass Trial: An Egyptian court has sentenced 683 supporters of the now-banned  Muslim Brotherhood to death, including the group's spiritual leader, after holding a mass trial Monday morning.  The Associated Press reports that the mass trial was in response to deadly riots that erupted in the country last August during the removal of Egypt's controversial President Mohammad Morsi.  A similar mass trial was held last month, and resulted in 529 defendants being sentenced to death, the majority of those sentences have since been commuted to life in prison.

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