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Some Crime Victims Count...

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...and some don't.

President Obama met at the White House with the families of the victims of the Newtown, Conn. school massacre.  Nothing wrong with that; it was a shocking national tragedy.  I have some misgivings that the meeting was enlisted in a political cause, but that's how it goes with this Administration.

The President has refused to meet, however, with the families of the victims of  another mass shooting, even though (unlike the case with Newtown), he was  the Commander-in-Chief of the people ambushed, and even though they were killed, not by a lunatic, but by a "soldier" of the same Jihad that has attacked America before.

What difference does it make, really, whether the federal government has some paltry financial interest in pretending, absurdly, that the Ft. Hood massacre five years ago was just "workplace violence" instead of a terrorist attack?  For my money, what compels the President to meet with Major Hasan's victims does not depend on how they are categorized.  What compels it is basic decency. 

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Bill, the really sad thing, of course, is that snubbing the Ft. Hood families isn't the most disgraceful action President Obama has taken. If you really want your blood to boil, think about the release of Ali Musa Daqduq. I couldn't think of a more disgusting breaking of faith between the Commander-in-Chief and the military if I tried.

Ok, liberal lurkers, defend him. You know you want to. Defend him.

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