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Taking It Easy on Pot in Colorado

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Colorado has decided to be Real Groovy and take it easy on pot.  What could go wrong?

From today's CBS News in Denver (emphasis added):

A Denver medical marijuana dispensary and three other buildings linked to four men accused of laundering money from Colombia to buy a grow house were raided Wednesday.


One Denver industrial building is linked to one of the suspects, David Furtado, an attorney.

Video and photos from CBS4 during the VIP Cannabis raid showed firefighters breaking into two safes in the parking lot of VIP Cannabis. The dispensary was also raided during a larger federal operation in November.

Prosecutors allege VIP's operators Gerardo Uribe, 33, and his brother Luis Uribe, 28, along with Furtado, 48, wired and laundered hundreds of thousands of dollars from Colombia to buy a Denver grow house.

Also charged in the case is Hector Diaz, an associate of the men who was arrested on a weapons charge during the November raids after investigators unearthed photos of him wearing a U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency cap while holding two semi-automatic rifles and two handguns

There must be a mistake in this story, since, as we have been told so many times, the legalization of pot will put the Colombian cartels out of business and end the dangerous connection of drugs and guns.

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If Bush is so rightly to blame for the next
70x7 years
of economic malaise,
Is not the former prohibition to blame for the death
and destruction since legalisation?


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