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Another Prosecution Priority for DOJ

My last post suggested that the Justice Department prosecute at least some of the thousands of Obamacare applicants who have intentionally falsified statements of their income in order to bilk the taxpayers for even more than they're being bilked out of already.  

There is second priority I would suggest for DOJ examination  --  a priority that, it seems, the Department may have taken up.  As the New York Times reports

The Department of Veterans Affairs' inspector general is working with federal prosecutors who are trying to determine whether criminal violations occurred at a medical center in Phoenix accused of falsifying data or creating secret waiting lists intended to hide months long delays for veterans to see doctors, a top official told a Senate committee on Thursday.

I can already hear our friends in the defense bar unpacking their standard lines, i.e., the people creating the concocted waiting lists had munched one Twinkie too many, or were victims of "bureaucracy survival syndrome" (a better-off cousin of "urban survival syndrome"), or what have you.  I also have my doubts that the Attorney General will follow through with any prosecutions, since it would be politically maladroit to expose how the Administration has actually treated veterans (while yammering endlessly about compassion etc.).

Still, one can hope.

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