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Jim Comey Isn't Fooled

When President Obama named James Comey to head the FBI about a year ago, I praised the choice.  Among other things, having been an AUSA with him, I knew of Jim's independence and honesty.  I noted that he has "the integrity and apolitical nature that is essential to the FBI and  --  especially now  --  the Department of Justice."

I feel vindicated this week, now that Jim said pretty bluntly that he's not buying the President's phony line that we have al Qaeda "on the run."  His interview with the NYT makes this clear:

By Mr. Comey's own account, he [initially] brought to the job a belief, based on news media reports, that the threat from Al Qaeda was diminished. But nine months into his tenure as director, Mr. Comey acknowledges that he underestimated the threat the United States still faces from terrorism.

"I didn't have anywhere near the appreciation I got after I came into this job just how virulent those affiliates had become," Mr. Comey said, referring to offshoots of Al Qaeda in Africa and in the Middle East during an interview in his sprawling office on the seventh floor of the J. Edgar Hoover Building. "There are both many more than I appreciated, and they are stronger than I appreciated."

Based on what he now knows, Mr. Comey said, he is convinced that terrorism should remain the main focus of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. 

Whew!  I'm happy and comforted that the head of the FBI understands that there are more important federal priorities than reviewing how allegations of rape are handled in Missoula, Montana.


Bill, where prosecuting dumb college kids who download the wrong dirty pictures or rural Washington families growing pot for medical use fit into your visions of "more important federal priorities"? Just curious about whether you a critical of all of the modern DOJ's policy choices.


I don't have the time, energy, or peripheral vision to keep up with "all of the modern DOJ's policy choices." On the other hand, neither does anyone else.

Still, I should congratulate you on your deft pivot away from the fact that, as my old buddy Jim Comey has now found out, the President's bluster about how we've run terrorists off the edge of the earth is a bunch of baloney.

B. Otis & D. Berman,
Here's a benign pivot:
To keep you abreast of the state of Otis-less Sentencing Law & Policy,
the following is a bit o' the flavour:

According to 'albeed', the commentor 'Adamakis' can't "comprehend two distinct thoughts at one time," and the sworn testimony of at least some of the NYPD
cannot be trusted, because they "seem to have free reign to kill people, dogs, etc. …”
Accorcing to 'william r. delzel', "As much as I don't like to compare Americans
to war criminals," "Any" doctor, pharmacist, politician or prosecutor
who allows an execution without painless drugs fits the bill.

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As you see, there is a reason C&C is a moderated blog, and the moderation gets enforced.

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