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News Scan

Report Shows Spike in Arkansas Prison Population: A report presented to the Arkansas Board of Corrections indicates that the state's prison population increased 17.7% in 2013.  The Associated Press reports that the increase was likely due to tougher parole policies enacted after a repeat parole violator was charged in the 2013 kidnapping and murder of a teenager just two days after being released from jail.  The Department of Corrections notes that more paroles were revoked along with an increase in the number of offenders who received prison sentences rather than probation for crimes such as burglary and drug dealing.

Pennsylvania High Court Allows Warrantless Vehicle Searches: The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has held that police officers no longer need a warrant to search a suspect's vehicle, so long as they have reasonable probable cause.  Brett Hambright of Lancaster Online reports that prior to this ruling, motorists could refuse a police request to search a vehicle, requiring the officer to get a warrant.  The 4-2 ruling will allow officers to sufficient cause to search for drugs during a traffic stop.

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