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Convicted Killer Loses Death Row Appeal: A Pennsylvania man convicted of killing five people during a racially-motivated attack nearly 14 years ago has lost his most recent death penalty appeal.   despite claims that he was forcibly medicated during his trial.  The Associated Press reports that Richard Baumhammer, a former immigration attorney, began his shooting spree by shooting to death a Jewish neighbor and setting her house on fire before targeting people at a Chinese restaurant and an Indian grocery store. In Baumhammer's appeal he claimed that he was forcibly medicated during trial and that his defense attorney was ineffective.

Realignment to Blame for Increase in Gun Violence: A Northern California town is seeing a dramatic increase in the number of shootings in 2014, and a Fairfield police officer believes Realignment is one of the contributing factors.  Claire Doan of KCRA Sacramento reports that so far this year, the city has already witnessed 35 shootings-a number which is well on its way to surpass shooting statistics for 2012 and 2013. The Fairfield Police Department has since increased patrols and sped up the hiring process in an effort to combat the thousands of prisoners released from state custody under Governor Brown's Realignment plan.

Thousands of Immigrant Children Overwhelming U.S. Border: An expected 120,000 illegal immigrant children and teenagers from Latin America are expected to flood the U.S. border this year, prompting humanitarians to seek more than $1.5 billion in financial support to handle the overwhelming increase.  Paul Bedard of the Washington Examiner reports that every month, thousands of children are illegally immigrating into America in order to escape drug gangs and violence from countries like Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.  A large number of the children are currently being housed at Lackland AFB in San Antonio, Texas.

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The cynic in me thought he knew the extent of illegal immigration overwhelming the U S border. However, I was shocked to learn of tens of thousands of children who illegally enter the US each year and are "placed with family" rather than deported.

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