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Why India Was Wise to Expand the Death Penalty

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This AP story speaks for itself:

Two teenage sisters in rural India were raped and killed by attackers who hung their bodies from a mango tree, which became the scene of a silent protest by villagers angry about alleged police inaction in the case. Two of the four men arrested so far are police officers.

Villagers found the girls' bodies hanging from the tree early Wednesday, hours after they disappeared from fields near their home in Katra village in Uttar Pradesh state, police Superintendent Atul Saxena said. The girls, who were 14 and 15, had gone into the fields because there was no toilet in their home....India tightened its anti-rape laws last year, making gang rape punishable by the death penalty, even when the victim survives.

But the most memorable part of the story is at the end, from a fellow I gather is running for president of the Indian version of the NACDL:

Last month, the head of Uttar Pradesh state's governing party, the regionally prominent Samajwadi Party, told an election rally that the party was opposed to the law calling for gang rapists to be executed.  "Boys will be boys," Mulayam Singh Yadav said. "They make mistakes."

1 Comment

So liberal criminal apologists in India are no different than liberal criminal apologists here?

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