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News Scan

Missouri Man Granted Stay of Execution: A Missouri death murderer has been granted a stay of execution less than a week before he was scheduled to be put to death.  Jim Salter of the Associated Press reports that 43-year-old John Winfield, who was sentenced to death for the murders of two women in 1996.  He was granted the stay after it was revealed that a prison worker may have been intimidated into not writing a clemency letter on Winfield's behalf.  The state has yet to announce an appeal.

CA Law Enforcement Frustrated by Inmate Releases: Officers with the Roseville Police Department, located just outside of Sacramento, are voicing their frustration with the non-stop release and re-arrest of inmates as a result of Realignment.  Mark Demsky of FOX 40 reports that many of the state's county jails are at full capacity, which is forcing the early release of criminals who are often re-arrested days later for new crimes.  County jails are also mandated by Federal law on how many inmates can be confined, which is also contributing to early releases.

Wyoming Death Penalty Dilemma: The Wyoming Department of Corrections has announced plans to explore different execution methods after the state revealed they no longer have a supply of lethal injection drugs.  Aja Goare of MTN News reports that the state is ready to consider a bill to allow use of the firing squad despite the failure to pass a similar bill earlier this year.  If the bill does pass, firing squad executions could begin as early as Spring 2015.  

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