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Stark Raving Mad

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I have said many times that this Justice Department is politicized to a dangerous degree, bends its decisions to ideology, engages in gross overreach, and often views criminals and inmates as its constituency over normal people.  Much more often than I would like, the Supreme Court goes along with it.

But there are limits on what kind of conservative criticism is still connected to the real world, and this surpasses them by a wide, wide margin.

There are weighty questions on how much government surveillance is too much in a dangerous world, but.........ummmmm..........hello!

1 Comment

This sounds like a plot for a John Grisham meets Tom Clancy sort of techno-thriller. Seeing as how it is better than most of the recent work of those two authors (RIP Tom Clancy), I would not be posting it, lest it get stolen by someone like Dan Brown for his next book.

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