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Two Executions Go Without Problems

Despite what has become the deluge of last minute speculative motions about how the state is planning to use some dastardly, secret chemical to perform an agonizing execution, two executions last night went off with no problem and no apparent pain. They were in Missouri and Georgia.

The story is here.

The total number of executions this year is 22.  If they continue at the present pace, there will be more executions in 2014 than in any year since George W. Bush sat in the White House.

According to Gallup, support for the death penalty remains at or above 60% for the fortieth straight year, and the view that it is morally acceptable has increased by a slight but statistically significant margin over the last two years (perhaps because of the gruesomeness of the Boston Marathon bombing, although I don't know that).

Still, "the death penalty is dying," etc., etc., etc.

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