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What To Do About Corrupt Prosecutors?

Gun them down, what else?

P.S.  They don't have to be corrupt, either, not in the slightest.  You just have to dislike them because they convicted you for being a thief.

The NYT reports  --  amazingly without detectable snark  --  that Texas will seek the death penalty for Eric L. Williams, a former "neutral" judicial officer who got caught and convicted for stealing computer equipment from a county building.  Not caring for this outcome, Williams shot the two prosecutors who brought the case.  For good measure, he shot the wife of the senior prosecutor.  Can't have those witnesses!

I am strongly tempted to lay into the poisonous, sneering websites and commentators who relentlessly trash prosecutors as thugs and thus build up the "atmosphere of hate" that is said to "lead to" atrocious episodes like this.  But I'm going to refrain.  These murders were not the product of an "atmosphere."  They were a product of a malevolent criminal bent on cold-blooded revenge. Texas is well-advised to seek the only punishment that fits the crime.

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