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News Scan

Violent Killer to be Released from Prison:  A Michigan murderer, sentenced to life in prison without parole is set to be released from custody later this month after serving 40 years behind bars.  Jonathan Wolfe of Opposing Views reports that 54-year-old Timothy Spytma, along with an accomplice, broke into his neighbor's home to commit a burglary.  When the woman returned early they brutally raped and beat her to death, then stole thousands of dollars worth of property.  His LWOP sentence was for first-degree murder and burglary.  In 1982, the Michigan law changed its burglary law, requiring that burglary could only take place during the night.  The law was applied retroactively voiding Spytma's burglary conviction and reducing his murder to second degree, making him eligible for parole. 

Chicago Experiences Deadly Holiday Weekend: At least 14 people are dead and another 82 have been injured in one of Chicago's most violent and deadly weekends in history.  Peter Nickeas of the Chicago Tribune reports that the shootings began Thursday afternoon and lasted well into Sunday evening as police were overwhelmed with calls for service across the city.  So far this year, Chicago has seen more than 170 homicides-a number that is down from both 2012 and 2013.

WA Begins Selling Legalized Marijuana: Marijuana shops in Washington state have been given the green light to begin selling the drug to patrons beginning Tuesday morning.  Gene Johnson of the Associated Press reports that two years after Washington voters approved legalizing marijuana for adults over the age of 21, the state has approved licenses for 24 stores in cities such as Seattle, Tacoma and Vancouver. Colorado, which also approved legalizing marijuana in 2012, began allowing recreational pot sales January 1. 


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