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News Scan

Murder Rate up in California City: Police in Fresno, California are saying that while the amount of overall shootings in the city have gone down, the murder rate has continued to escalate.  Rick Montanez of ABC 30 reports that Fresno's murder rate is up 27% so far this year and they believe the blame can be linked to illegal guns and gang members.  Shootings in the city are down by 13%, however, authorities say more victims are dying from their injuries as gang violence continues to flourish.

Sex Offender Assaults Grandmother, Uncle: A convicted rapist and registered sex offender is behind bars after authorities in Portland, Oregon say he sexually assaulted his grandmother and uncle.  Maxine Bernstein of The Oregonian reports that 34-year-old Willie Johnson, who committed his first rape at the age of 15, broke into his 81-year-old grandmother's home and violently attacked her before moving to another bedroom where he sexually assaulted his uncle as well.  He has been charged with first-degree attempted rape, kidnapping and sexually assault, and is being held on $780,000 bail. 

Conviction Upheld for Killer: A New Jersey man sentenced to life in prison for his role in a cold case murder will remain behind bars after a judge ruled in favor of denying his appeal and upholding his conviction.  Tom Haydon of The Star-Ledger reports that 70-year-old William Crowley was sentenced to life in prison after being found guilty of murdering a rival drug dealer more than 20 years ago.  Crowley was finally arrested for the crime in 2008 and was convicted in 2011, he must serve at least 30 years in prison before he becomes eligible for parole.

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