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News Scan

Parolee Accused of Murder: An Arkansas man released from prison and placed on parole just two months ago has been arrested in connection with a Memphis murder that took place earlier this week.  Jason Pederson of KATV reports that 33-year-old Will Johnston has been in and out of prison for more than a decade, serving time for burglary, parole violations and drug offenses.  A study conducted by the Department of Justice shows that 38% of individuals on parole end up violating their release orders and are sent back to prison.

CA Family Outraged Over Death Penalty Ruling: A Northern California family fighting for justice for their murdered relative expressed outrage after a federal judge ruled the state's death penalty unconstitutional. Brian Chalk, who has been waiting since 1981 for the execution of his sister's murderer called the ruling a "slap in the face not only to families, but to every citizen."  Maria Medina of CBS Sacramento reports that murder victim Terri Winchell's family thought the the killer, Michael Morales, would finally pay for his crime in 2006, but two hours before his scheduled execution the state put all executions on hold.  The family fears that this ruling sends the message that California's worst murderers will never be executed.

High-Risk Sex Offender Released: A Canadian man with a lengthy history of violent and sexual offenses has been released from prison despite being a high-risk to the community.  Lara Schroeder of Global News reports that 41-year-old Rene James Everett was placed on a 10-year supervision order in 2009 and will be required to participate in a treatment program, police believe he is at high-risk level of re-offending; especially when it involves women or children.  Everett's criminal record includes convictions for sexual assault, robbery and weapons offenses.  

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