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News Scan

CA High Court Upholds Death Sentence: In a unanimous ruling, California's Supreme Court upheld the death sentence for a man convicted of murdering an off-duty Los Angeles County deputy sheriff in 1997.  Ann Anooshian of Metropolitan News-Enterprise reports that the officer and his fiancee, who was also a peace officer, were at a hair salon when two men entered the building in an attempt to steal the cash register, when the men found out he was a sheriff they shot him in the head and fled with his fiancee's debit card.  The gunman, Kevin Boyce was sentenced to death for the murder, his accomplice was also convicted of murder and sentenced to 75 years to life. 

TX Governor Seeks Help From National Guard to Deal with Immigration: Texas Governor Rick Perry is asking for the National Guard to be deployed along the state's border with Mexico in order to deter and detain criminals who have illegally entered the country.  Salena Zito of Newsmax reports that the governor is concerned with the number of criminals entering the state, and is requesting the National Guard's presence to assist Border Patrol and other agencies protecting the border.  Since 2008, 203,000 illegal immigrants have been arrested in the state and charged with more than 640,000 crimes including thousands of homicides and sexual assaults.

Parolee Found Guilty in Cop Killing: A New York man has been found guilty of killing a Long Island police officer and an innocent motorist in October 2012.  Joe Kemp of the New York Daily News reports that 34-year-old Darrell Fuller, who was out on parole at the time of the crime, shot the officer at point-blank range after being pulled over for a traffic stop, he then shot another man in attempt to steal his car and flee the scene.  Fuller faces life in prison without the possibility of parole.

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