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The Training of Federal Agents

Even though I was at one point Counselor to the Administrator of the DEA, I did not know this until just now:  The DEA, along with the FBI, Immigration and Customs Enforcement,  the Secret Service and the U.S. Marshals, sends its agents-in-training to the Holocaust Museum to give them a close up look at what happens when legitimate law enforcement morphs into a police state.

I wonder how many of those who routinely accuse federal agents of being Nazis have ever even visited the Holocaust Museum.


What does the Holocaust have to do with arresting drug dealers? How does that make you a better law enforcement officer? Most Federal agents never do anything like this. It sounds like a waste of time and resources. And it certainly hasn't stopped the FBI outrages at Ruby Ridge and Waco. It did not stop ICE from partipating with the ATFE in the gun running scheme. And it has not stopped the general thuggery of the ATFE directed against law abiding gun owners. Perhaps the Holocaust Museum could teach about violating the Constitution to the Bureau of Land Management?

I have known a fair number of ICE agents over the course of my life. Most of them are nice people individually, and consummate pros on the job. I would not characterize any of them as Nazis.

However, on my trips, visiting family in El Paso, each time we wait in the long line on I-10, while I and my family are photographed, have our plates run through the system, have dogs sniff my car, have myself and my children asked inane questions by militarized agents, about our citizenship, our destination and where we came from; I think that our country has become a fascist state.

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