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A Defense, Sort of, of the Perry Indictment

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As I've noted, a chorus of honest liberals has exposed and denounced the Perry indictment for the legally hollow political stunt it is.  See, e.g.,  this article and this one.  But some on the Left are holding out.

Exhibit A is this piece in The New Republic.  The thesis is that Perry, being a Very Bad Man, more-or-less deserves the wrath of a criminal accusation whether or not he's, ya know, actually guilty.  The indictment is, if not exactly cricket, at least clarifying.

Well, look, that's cool.  Some might say that taking such a view of the role of criminal law is repulsive.  I beg to differ.  It is, as the author argues, clarifying  -- clarifying about what lies ahead when the poisonous (and Marxist) theory that politics is everything prevails.

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Let me guess, TNR believes that the Boehner lawsuit of Obama is a political witch hunt with no merit in law or as an attempt at "clarifying" Obama's lawless nature.

Picking out liberal hypocrisy is way too easy.

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