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Mauro on Supreme Court Clerk Reorganization

Tony Mauro has this article at National Law Journal (registration required) on the reorganization of the Supreme Court Clerk's office, previously noted here.

Jordan "Danny" Bickell will serve in the new position of deputy clerk for practice and procedure, which will carry out some of the functions of the chief deputy. Those includes "the preparation of weekly conference lists, taking action on extensions of time to respond to petitions for writs of certiorari, and service as the primary point of contact for members of the Court's bar with respect to questions of practice and procedure," according to the announcement.

Bickell's new title also means a temporary vacancy in the position of staff attorney for emergency applications--known informally as the "death clerk," the court's liaison with state officials and defense lawyers in the final hours before scheduled executions. Bickell held that position and will continue to perform those duties until the vacancy is filled.
Let's hope they fill the vacancy soon.  That job is too important and too difficult to be an "additional duty" rather than the person's main job.

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