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News Scan

Texas Murderer Loses Appeal: A Salvadoran man convicted and sentenced to death for murdering two people in Texas has lost his most recent federal appeal. The Associated Press reports that 44-year-old Gilmar Guevara appealed his sentence claiming ineffective assistance of counsel and that a mental impairment disqualifies him for a death sentence. Guevara was convicted in 2001 for murdering two store clerks during an attempted robbery.

Serial Killer Sentenced to Four Life Terms: An Illinois man convicted of murder and sentenced to two life terms has been found guilty in four additional murders and has been ordered to spend four more life sentences behind bars.  The Associated Press reports that Nicholas Sheley killed a total of eight people during the summer of 2008 in Illinois and St. Louis, Missouri.  Illinois does not have a death sentence but Missouri does.  If Sheley is convicted of the two Missouri murders, he could receive a death sentence.

Hundreds of Criminal Immigrants Released: A recently obtained report from the Department of Homeland Security Inspector General reveals that more than 600 criminal aliens were released by the federal government in 2013 because of budget cuts.  Jana Winter and Judson Berger of Fox News report that in the early months of 2013, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) released hundreds of "criminal aliens" from jails to comply with budget cuts and other fiscal restraints.  While the majority of the aliens were classified as "level 3"  lower level offenders, a fraction of the aliens had been convicted of more serious crimes ranging from burglary and money laundering to rape.

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