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News Scan

Convicted Sex Offender Charged with Murder: Police in Washington have arrested and charged convicted sex offender Richard Atkisson with two counts of aggravated murder for the alleged killing of his two roommates this past weekend.  KOMO News reports that Atkisson admitted to police that he beat the two men to death after an argument escalated in their home.  Atkisson was sentenced to 23 years behind bars in 1993 for rape and also had prior convictions for burglary and failing to register as a sex offender, prosecutors also say Atkisson had an active warrant out for his arrest in California for violating his court-ordered supervision.

Arias Granted Delay in Penalty Phase Retrial: An Arizona judge has delayed the penalty phase retrial of convicted killer Jodi Arias until September 29.  Brian Skoloff of the Associated Press reports that Arias, who is acting as her own attorney, asked the judge to delay her trial in order to have more time to prepare.  Arias was convicted last year of killing her ex-boyfriend and faced a possible death sentence, however, the jury presiding over her case was unable to reach a unanimous sentencing decision.  Under Arizona law, prosecutors are allowed to hold a second penalty phase trial with a new jury in death penalty cases-if this jury also fails to reach a unanimous decision, Arias will automatically be sentenced to 25 years to life. 

Sex Offender Charged in Brutal Attack: A New York man has been charged with attempted murder after authorities say he pulled a woman into the woods and repeatedly stabbed her.  CBS Albany reports that 50-year-old James Sayers, a convicted sex offender, followed the woman for nearly a mile before attacking the woman and stabbing her so many times that his knife eventually broke.  A warrant had been issued for Sayers arrest shortly after the attack when his parole officer discovered that he had removed his electronic monitoring device, he had just been released from prison and put on parole in May after serving a sentence for robbery.

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