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NCVS Shows Crime Back Down After Last Year's Bump


The National Crime Victimization Survey, which showed a bump up for 2012, showed a reversion back for 2013. The graph to the left is from the Bureau of Justice Statistics Report, Criminal Victimization, 2013.

Update:  BJS issued a correction September 19.  There was a problem with the scale on the original figure.  I have pasted in the corrected figure.


As I note in my post today about the correlation between incarceration and crime, the amount of crime is inversely proportional to the prison population with a degree of precision that's nothing short of phenomenal.

I would love to have the computer and graphics skills to plot the amount of crime against the prison population. When the one goes up, the other goes down, and this has been true for decades as well as over the last few years.

We probably should update the graph. Last time we posted it seems to be 2009.

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