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News Scan

Accused Murderer Faces Death Penalty in Two States: An Illinois man who sparked a two-state manhunt last month will now face death penalty trials in both Ohio and Kentucky for his crimes.  Jill Drury of WDTN News reports that 41-year-old Terry Froman is accused of murdering a teenager in Kentucky and then kidnapping the boy's mother and driving her to Ohio, where he shot and killed her as well.  Froman will face murder charges in Kentucky first, then face kidnapping and murder charges in Ohio, he is being held on $1 million bond.

Convicted Sex Offender Identified as Murder Suspect: An Indiana man is behind bars and facing murder charges after confessing to killing at least seven women.  CBS Chicago reports that 43-year-old Darren Vann, who is a registered sex offender in Texas, allegedly told police that the murders date back to as many as 20 years ago, and so far, all of his victims appear to be women.  Vann claims to have victims in other states as well, but is only choosing to discuss his Indiana victims because the state has the death penalty and he wants to be executed for his crimes.

Parole Denied for Convicted Cop Killer: One of the men convicted of murdering a Massachusetts police chief will remain behind bars after being denied parole for the second time since being convicted two decades ago.  Scott J. Croteau of The Telegram reports that 42-year-old Kenneth B. Padgett, along with two co-defendants, were breaking into homes and stole a vehicle on the morning of February 1, 1994, when the officer pursued them one of the men fired several rounds piercing his lung and heart, leaving him for dead.  Since being incarcerated, Croteau has had several disciplinary issues and involved himself in a white supremacist gang.  His next parole hearing will be in a few years.

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