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News Scan

Convicted Felons Arrested for Child's Murder: Police in Florida have arrested the two men they believe to be responsible for this month's drive by killing of a five-year-old boy.  Barry Miller of Fox 4 reports that the two men, both convicted felons, have been booked into jail dozens of times for crimes such as homicide, being a felon in possession of a handgun, battery of a law enforcement officer, and vehicle theft.  Both men have been charged with second degree murder.

Inmates set to be Executed in Texas, Missouri: Two U.S. death row inmates, one in Texas and the other in Missouri, are set to be executed within the next 24 hours.  Jon Herskovitz of Reuters reports that the Texas inmate, 32-year-old Miguel Paredes, was convicted in 2000 of murdering three people and is scheduled to be executed Tuesday evening.  The Missouri inmate, 35-year-old Mark Christeson, was convicted of killing a woman and her two children nearly two decades ago, he is scheduled to die by lethal injection early Wednesday morning.

Convicted Cop Killer Sentenced to Life: A Florida man convicted of murdering an off-duty police officer in 2008 has been sentenced to life in prison for his crime.  Andrea Torres of Local 10 News reports that 28-year-old Andrew Rolle shot the officer after mistakenly identifying him as a rival gang member.  Rolle was already serving a 50-year prison sentence after being found guilty in two separate armed robberies.

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