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Violent Sex Offender On The Run After Removing GPS Device: Police in Southern California are warning residents about a violent sex offender who recently removed his court-ordered GPS monitoring device and fled the area.  Hector Bercerra of the Los Angeles Times reports that 43-year-old Joseph Serapiglia was convicted of raping and stabbing his neighbor in 1991 and was sentenced to more than 40 years.  He was released earlier this year after serving just 23 years. Serapiglia was convicted of attempted murder after police say he stabbed his neighbor multiple times and threw her down a 25-foot cliff, leaving her for dead. 

Pakistan to Execute Hundreds of Militants: Pakistan has announced its plan to execute roughly 500 convicted terrorists after the government lifted a six-year moratorium on the death penalty.  AFP News reports that the resumption came after last week's deadly terror attack at a school that left 149 people dead including 133 children.  The 500 convicts set to be executed have exhausted all of their appeals and have had their mercy petitions denied.  As noted in this post, executions resumed last week.

Police Make Arrests in Oregon School Shooting: Police in Oregon have announced the arrests of three suspects believed to be responsible for this month's school shooting that left four students injured.  Charlene Adams of the Daily Mail reports that police believe the shooting was gang-related, as two of the victims had known gang ties.  The three men have each been charged with attempted murder and a variety of other charges including tampering with evidence, being a felon in possession of a gun, and probation violations.

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The first subposting shows why attempted murder should be a death eligible crime.

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