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News Scan

Update: GA Execution Delayed By Weather: The Georgia woman who was scheduled to be executed yesterday for the murder of her husband will spend a few more days on death row after inclement weather delayed her execution.  David Beasley of Reuters reports that officials delayed the execution and rescheduled it for next Monday after a weather forecast predicted three inches of snow overnight.  The last time a woman was executed in the U.S. was in September 2014.

Repeat DUI Offender Charged with Murder: A California man who authorities say was convicted of DUI last June is behind bars once again and facing murder charges after allegedly killing a man while driving under the influence Saturday afternoon.  Robert Salonga of the San Jose Mercury News reports that 25-year-old Marco Chamale is facing a variety of felony charges including DUI, hit-and-run, and murder after authorities say he veered onto the sidewalk and hit a fruit vendor before dragging the man's body 30 feet and fleeing the scene.  Chamale is currently being held in county jail without bond. 

Prop 47 Increased Property Crime For CA Town: Police one Northern California town are dealing with higher rates of property crime since voters passed Prop 47, which reduced a number of crimes from felonies to misdemeanors last November.  Ryan McCarthy of the Daily Republic reports that the Mayor of Vacaville, CA, Len Agustine, blamed the proposition for his city's increase in property crime and believes criminals are committing these types of crimes because they know they can get away with it.  Mayor Agustine believes Governor Brown is more interested in getting people out of jail rather than putting people in.  

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