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Newspaper Paywalls

On this blog, we link a lot to newspaper stories.  Alas, the golden age of free access to newspapers via the internet is drawing to a close.  One by one, the newspapers are putting their content behind paywalls.
I can't blame them.  They have businesses to run.  Free access depends on the willingness of advertisers to pay for ads, and the advertisers have figured out they were getting little bang for their buck.  That's not surprising.  Personally, I have never bought anything from an ad on an online newspaper site.  Not once, in all the online reading I have done.

Most people could not possibly subscribe to all the papers they have gotten in the habit of reading.  One, maybe two, and that will be it.  How do you get the content otherwise?

For the moment, many of the paywalls are not too hard to get around.  Some of them give free access to anyone finding the article through a search engine.  So you copy the exact headline of the article.  Put it in quotes in the Google search box, and you get a link that lets you see the article for free.  I don't know how long that will last.

We will continue to link to newspaper articles here.  We will provide nonsubscriber links when we can.  We will quote articles to the extent we think we are staying within the bounds of fair use.  However, readers will in many cases have to find their own ways around the paywalls, and in some cases that may not be possible at all.

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