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News Scan


CA to Extend Obamacare To Illegals:  The California Senate Appropriations Committee amended and passed SB 4, a $1 billion measure to extend Obamacare to all illegal aliens.  Chriss W. Street of Breitbart reports that the legislation "directly extends free Medi-Cal access to those under the age of 19 and provides California taxpayer funded free or highly subsidized coverage equivalent to Medi-Cal."  The costs of SB 4 after it was amended have yet to be estimated, but the original bill's costs were estimated at $740 million per year.

Gang-Related Shootings On The Rise In Portland, OR:  Portland, Oregon is breaking crime records for the month of May following several gang-related shootings.  Jennifer Dowling of KOIN 6 reports that 25 shootings were reported throughout the month of May.  Both police and residents are concerned by the increased gang violence in the city that has grown more brazen, with shootings committed in broad daylight.  So far this year, there have been 65 reported gun-related incidents.

Sailor Killed In Road Rage Incident:  A road rage incident last Thursday resulted in the death of a who was a 20-year U.S. Navy veteran.  Fox News reports that Chief Petty Officer Zachary Buob was killed on I-5 near San Diego by Darla Jackson, who rammed the back of his motorcycle with her car, knocked him off and ran him over in the middle of rush-hour traffic.  Jackson's mother says her daughter is wrongfully charged and a victim "because the motorcyclist was driving erratically."  Jackson was charged with Buob's murder on Friday.

NE Inmates Sue Over Crowded Conditions:  Over two dozen Nebraska inmates are suing the state prison system and its director arguing that the prison's overcrowded conditions violate their civil rights.  The AP reports that the two separate lawsuits have been filed regarding the Diagnostic & Evaluation Center in Lincoln, which was at 335 percent capacity at the end of April.  Prisoners claim that such massive overcrowding has caused disease to spread and burdened the prison's medical staff.

Low Probation Funding Causing Increased Crime:  Florida probation officers say that the Department of Corrections' (DOC) failure to address resource shortages has led to the occurrence of preventable crime in Tampa Bay, including a rash of sexual assaults and homicides.  Noah Pransky of WTSP reports that the continued penny-pinching and overall lack of funds has caused the department to prohibit officers from searching the phones and computers of sex offenders, a particularly frustrating aspect of the DOC budget cuts.  Florida's probation program has been ignored by state lawmakers, who attribute the entire DOC funding into prisons rather than community corrections.  Gov. Rick Scott says he is working with the DOC to make improvements.

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