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Delaware Death Penalty Repeal Defeated

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I am told that the Delaware House of Representatives today voted down the death penalty repeal bill (SB 40), 16-23.

I feel like it's the Battle of the Bulge in World War II.  The enemy has made a hard thrust and gained some ground, but we have now stopped his advance, and a renewed push in the right direction is in the near future.

Update:  Randall Chase has this report for AP.

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Unfortunately, the elites are against the death penalty--so bogus stays or the shoddy logic of Hickenlooper's evil reprise for a quadruple murderer aren't really criticized as they should be.

Imagine if state AGs routinely pointed out when Supreme Court stays aren't supported by the law governing stays or pointed out how awful it must have been for victims' families to have to endure a Supreme Court stay without so much as an explanation OR an evaluation of whether the test for a stay was met. Or if the Florida AG wondered aloud why the Supreme Court just had to decide Hall given the utter unlikelihood that a guy could score 80 and a 79 on an IQ test, yet be below a 70 IQ. Or if the idiotic (there really is no other word to describe it) Hickenlooper statement on reasons for granting a reprieve got described as such.

We have a long long way to go. That a Supreme Court Justice would be willing to write the dissent in Buck v. Thaler shows that nakedly helping a capital murderer is a costless exercise. And as long as that's the case, capital punishment will continue its long wind-down.

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