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News Scan

Two Officers Shot, One Fatally, in San Diego:  A San Diego police officer was shot and killed and his partner wounded during a late night traffic stop Thursday.  Veteran officers Jonathan DeGuzman and Wade Irwin were both wearing bulletproof vests and body cams when they stopped the suspect vehicle.  AP writers Elliot Spagat and Julie Watson report that, as the driver opened fire, the officers called for backup.  Seconds later backup officers found officer DeGuzman fatally wounded and officer Irwin seriously injured.  Officers quickly located the suspect in a nearby ravine. While yet unnamed suspect was hospitalized for injuries, police were searching for a possible accomplice. 

Second Chance City:  WaPost writer Amy Brittain reports on a habitual felon from DC with a long record of property and violent felonies who was released from federal prison after serving two years for robbing a woman.  In spite of nine referrals to the FBI for threatening to rape prison guards, and multiple sexual offenses while incarcerated, 6' 4", 220lb, Antwon Pitt was never prosecuted.  Two months after his release Pitt cut off his GPS tracking device and was arrested on drug charges.  He was  promptly released by a federal magistrate who did not bother to review his criminal record.  Days later Pitt robbed a DC woman during an early morning home invasion.  The next week he raped a 40-year-old college professor in her home.  Brittain's piece examines Pitt's history of interactions with law enforcement and the federal system's repeated failure to identify him as a dangerous offender who should have been kept off the streets.    

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