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News Scan

CA Murderer's Death Sentence Upheld:  On Monday, the California Supreme Court upheld the death sentence of a Riverside man convicted in the abduction and murder of an elderly woman and the torture and rape of another 15 years ago.  Ali Tadayon the the Press-Enterprise reports that Bailey Lamar Jackson, 45, has been on death row since 2005 for first-degree murder, and is also serving 212 years to life for charges of attempted murder, torture, rape, burglary and robbery.  On Mother's Day 2001, Geraldine Myers, 81, disappeared and her car was later found containing a bag with her blood on it.  A month after Myers' disappearance, an 84-year-old woman in the same neighborhood was robbed, tortured, raped and left for dead, but managed to call 911.  Jackson was arrested when her stolen television was found in his room.  A few days after his arrest, Jackson was linked to Myers' disappearance when a bloodhound led her handler to to him after sniffing a crumbled envelope Myers kept money in.  Myers' body has never been found.  California has not executed any of its 747 death row inmates in 10 years.

Chicago has Deadliest July in 5 Years:  The Chicago Police Department's new crime numbers show that last month was the city's deadliest July in at least five years.  Diane Pathieu and Laura Podesta of ABC 7 report that last month, 65 people were killed, down from 72 killed in the month of June, and 441 people were injured in shooting incidents.  Murders have increased compared to July 2015, when 53 people were murdered.  Superintendent Eddie Johnson says most of the violence is coming from two or three police districts, with nearly 85% of the shooting victims appearing on the department's Strategic Subjects List, which consists of people who have had prior contact with law enforcement.  So far this year, 381 people have been killed and 2,394 people have been shot across the city.  Additionally, more than 120 gang members have been taken down and 5,000 illegal guns seized.

Border Patrol Website Offers Advice on Eluding Border Patrol:  An advisory on the Border Patrol's website is offering advice to immigrants who want to enter the U.S. illegally and avoid capture.  Fox News reports that under a "sensitive locations policy," safety and sanctuary for illegal immigrants can be found at schools, churches, hospitals and protests, where Customs and Border Protection are barred from enforcing border security.  Media Research Center, one of the many critics of the publicized policy, says that "almost any illegal alien can escape arrest by either walking with a second person (a march), attending some type of class, or finding a nearby church, medical facility or school bus stop."  Dan Stein, president of the Federation for American Immigration Reform, took aim at the Obama administration, which he says has "systematically and maliciously attacked and deconstructed all phases of border enforcement."

Texas Gov Proposes Making Attacks on Police a Hate Crime:  Texas Gov. Greg Abbott last week proposed the Police Protection Act that will change assaults on peace officers to hate crimes.  Emily Blatter of CNS News reports that under the new law, attacking and causing injury to a police officer will change from a third-degree felony to a second-degree felony punishable by a maximum prison sentence of 20 years and a fine of up to $10,000.  Texas state legislature will vote on the bill in their 2017 session.

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