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Lessons from Israel and Last Weekend

WSJ columnist Bret Stephens has this article discussing the lessons learned from his years in Israel and from this past weekend here at home.

What's the lesson here for Americans? This past weekend's terrorist attacks hold at least two. One is that there is a benefit for a society that allows competent and responsible adults to carry guns, like the off-duty police officer who shot the knife-wielding jihadist in St. Cloud, Minn. Another is that there is an equal benefit in the surveillance methods that allowed police in New York and New Jersey to swiftly identify and arrest Mr. Rahimi before his bombing spree took any lives.

These are lessons the political left in this country doesn't want to hear, lest they unsettle established convictions that weapons can only cause violence, not stop it, and that security is the antithesis of, not a precondition to, civil liberty.
But hear them they will. The eclipse of al Qaeda by Islamic State means the terrorist threat is evolving from elaborately planned spectaculars such as 9/11 or the 2004 Madrid train bombings to hastily improvised and executed blood orgies of the sort we saw this year in Nice and Orlando. As attacks become more frequent and closer to everyday life, public tolerance for liberal pieties will wane. Not least among the casualties of the Palestinian intifada was the Israeli left.

Living in Israel in those crowded years taught me that free people aren't so easily cowed by terror, and that jihadists are no match for a determined democracy. But it also taught me that democracies rarely muster their full reserves of determination until they've been bloodied one time too many.


"Not least among the casualties of the Palestinian intifada was the Israeli left."

~ True of my mom (Jewish) who though still a liberal, can no longer abide
the Israeli "peace" movement.

We should learn much from Israel. The kinship is palpbable: the Israelis
whom I have met resemble Americans attitudinally more than the Greeks,
French, or Lebanese folks for examples.

They tend to be more even vigilant that us because their country is infiltrated
with racial and religious aggressors (Jihadis). Only in the aftermath of 9/11
(like Pearl Harbor) did we rival their patriotic vigor.

Also, I highly recommend this article about U.S. support to Palestinian President Abbas:


~ WashExaminer, D. Friedman • 9/14/16

2 x Excerpts: "From 2009 through 2012, the report to Congress was the responsibility of Secretary Clinton. In every one of her reports, and in subsequent reports containing almost identical language, Mahmoud Abbas .. was presented as a statesman and a peacemaker . . Here's an example of what Mrs. Clinton said in her 2011 report: "PA President Mahmoud Abbas consistently reiterated [his] commitment to nonviolence."
--- --- ---
"When [American student] Taylor Force was killed, Vice President Biden was just a few miles away meeting .. Biden condemned the killing and called upon Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas to do the same. Abbas refused, consistent with his often-repeated remarks that "we welcome every drop of blood spilled ... with the help of Allah, every martyr will be in heaven and every wounded will get his reward."

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