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High Court Vacates OK Man's Death Sentence:  The Supreme Court ruled unanimously Tuesday to throw out an Oklahoma triple murderer's death sentence because the victim's family members were asked by the state to recommend a sentence to the jury at his trial.  Lydia Wheeler of the Hill reports that Shaun Michael Bosse was convicted of three counts of first-degree murder for killing his girlfriend and her two children in 2010.  At his trial, three of the victims' relatives recommended the death penalty to the jury after which the jury sentenced Bosse to death.  The sentence was vacated by Supreme Court justices, who ruled that court precedent barred the state from introducing family member's opinions about the crime.  The state argues that while it was not proper in its victim impact ruling, the decision had no effect on the jury's sentencing determination.

Mexican Officials Helping Haitian Illegals Reach U.S.: 
Recently released internal Homeland Security documents reveal that Mexican officials are assisting thousands of Haitians reach the U.S. illegally.  Stephen Dinan of the Washington Times reports that the documents, obtained by Rep, Duncan Hunter, a California republican, detail the routes migrants take, how much money human smugglers are paid and the complicit role of neighboring countries' governments.  According to the documents, over the past year, more than 6,000 Haitians arrived at the border in San Diego, an 18-fold increase over FY 2015.  And as of last week, about 2,600 were waiting in northern Mexico, with some 3,500 not far behind in Panama.  Migrants are paying at least $2,350 to be smuggled to the U.S., a 71,000-mile, four-month long journey that starts in Brazil and ends at the U.S. border, where they demand asylum in the hopes of taking advantage of Obama's lax immigration policies.  Immigration experts say that the numbers emphasize the significant control that smuggling operations have over illegal immigration.  Moreover, the high percentage of Haitians arriving in San Diego indicates an arrangement between migrants and Mexico, possibly even the Sinaloa cartel.

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