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Attorney General Sessions

Jeff Sessions has been confirmed as United States Attorney General, 52-47.

Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) voted yes, and Senator Sessions himself voted "present."  All others voted down party lines.

That is most unfortunate.  Jeff Sessions is a well-qualified nominee, and the attacks on him have been shown to be spurious, yet only one Senator from the opposition party has the spine to cross the aisle.


With exactly one Democratic vote.

Amazingly, the only time we hear about "bi-partisan compromise" and "coming together" to "move Washington forward" is when the "compromise" favors the interests of criminals. See, e.g., the now deceased move for a broad-based lowering of sentences for hard drug traffickers.

It was Sessions' forthright leadership against such legislation that, in part, made him the obvious choice for the office to which he has now been confirmed.

This is a good day for law-abiding people and a good day for America.

Amen, Bill. Welcome back to the rule of law, America.

In 2015 the Senate confirmed Loretta Lynch's nomination to Attorney General 56-43 with 10 Republican Votes. In 2009, Eric Holder's appointment was confirmed 75-21, with 19 Republican votes. Jeff Sessions must be a horrible man if only one Democrat would vote for him.

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