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Judge Sides With Florida Governor in Death-Penalty Dispute With State Attorney

Arian Campo-Flores has this article in the WSJ with the above title.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott notched a legal victory Tuesday in his dispute with a state attorney over her refusal to seek the death penalty, when a state judge ruled that the governor had the authority to remove her from a case.

Aramis Ayala, the state attorney for Orange and Osceola counties, announced earlier this month that she wouldn't pursue capital punishment for Markeith Loyd--charged with killing his pregnant former girlfriend and a police officer--or any other defendant.
George Soros pumped big money into the campaign of Ms. Ayala, among other prosecutor candidates around the country, to influence the prosecution of capital cases.  If a candidate wants to announce in advance that, if elected, she will never seek the death penalty in any case, that is one thing.  To get elected with that secret intent and then spring it after the election is something else.  That is fraud on the electorate.

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