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Mr. Nicey and His Counsel Confront the "Jewish Prosecutor"

You cannot make this up:

WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) - The man accused of killing two people in Howland during a shooting on his property butted heads with the prosecutor during his arraignment on Thursday.

Nasser Hamad is facing two counts of capital murder and six counts of attempted murder charges with gun specifications.

During a hearing Thursday, Hamad questioned whether Prosecutor Chris Becker was Jewish and then accused him of threatening his son.

But it gets better.  The defense lawyer also chimed in.

Defense counsel, even though just a substitute, was at no loss for words:

Geoffrey Oglesby, an attorney who stood in for Hamad's arraignment, said the charges filed against Hamad were due to his ethnicity.

"It appears to be a situation of a person standing their ground, and the question is, can minorities stand their ground like other people? And it seems like when minorities stand their ground, they get charged," he said. "And it appears to be, I hate to say it, based on his ethnicity in this particular case, and it's truly unfortunate."

Every day I get up, I thank God my parents raised me better than this.

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