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News Scan

Jihadists Getting Religious Visas?:  Security experts and religious leaders are warning that the 5-year visa granted to non-immigrant clerics may be an avenue that Islamic extremists are using to enter the U.S.  According to Hollie McKay at Fox News, The R visa program is for non-immigrant clerics and religious workers, allowing successful applicants to stay in the U.S. for up to five years. Following the 5-year period, holders of the R visa would have the chance to pursue citizenship in the United States. Col. James Williamson, who founded a group that advocates for U.S. special forces, said the program, which was created in 1990, must be tightened because of the extent to which it makes the U.S. vulnerable to jihadi attacks.  "The administration should at least temporarily suspend this dangerous loophole in our immigration process," he said. 

Victim's Fiance says "The System Failed Us": The fiance of a women killed in a drunk driving accident with an illegal immigrant is speaking out about the deadly consequences of U.S. sanctuary policies. Fox News reports that the man behind the wheel, 45-year-old Estuardo Alvarado, was escaping the scene of a previous traffic accident on Feb. 19 just before the deadly crash, investigators said.  Since 1998, Alvarado has had multiple DUI convictions and had been sent back to Mexico five times, most recently in 2011. "Our system failed us," said Rodrigo Macias, the fiance of the victim. Macias has since become an outspoken critic of so-called "sanctuary cities" and the criminal illegal aliens they protect from federal law enforcement.

Texas Executes Murderer:  Following 26 years on death row and two sentencing trials, a convicted murder was executed in Texas on Tuesday. Jolie Mccullough of the Texas Tribune  reports  that the state carried out its fourth execution of the year, putting to death 61-year-old James Bigby. Bigby was convicted in the 1987 murders of Michael Trekell, 26, and Trekell's infant son, Jayson Kehler.  Bigby was also accused of killing Calvin Crane and Frank Johnson, but he wasn't tried in those murders. The murdered infant's mother told reporters that Bigby had mental health problems and wanted to go out in a "blaze of glory."  Bigby died for his crimes at 6:31, fourteen minutes after receiving an injection of pentobarbital.

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