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Baltimore Lets Criminals Have a Say About Cops

The headline of this post is taken from today's excellent Wall Street Journal piece by Jason Riley, with whom I spoke on Monday.  I had known from reading his work that he understands what's actually going on out there, but now, having had the chance to talk to him, I am doubly impressed.

This is what our liberal friends don't get:  The antagonists are not the police and the Constitution.  The antagonists are police and criminals.  When you weaken the former, you strengthen the latter.  If common sense were not enough to make this clear, Baltimore's shocking, and ongoing, murder spree should, http://baltimore.cbslocal.com/2017/02/10/over-murder-a-day-in-baltimore-for-2017/. 

The attacks on Jeff Sessions as endangering African Americans are inside-out. Blacks are endangered  --  indeed they are in mortal danger  --  because of rising crime, and particularly rising murder rates.  In dozens of our biggest cities, Baltimore included, this is the real Obama "legacy."  It will save lives if Attorney General Sessions is able to make good on his determination to turn this around.

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