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Baltimore State's Attorney Implements Discrimination Against Citizens

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The headline of this post states the explicit policy now adopted in Baltimore.  As summarized in this entry from Prof. Berman, the State's Attorney's Office has embraced a policy of treating lawful citizens more harshly than illegal immigrants for identical conduct.

Of course, this is the same State's Attorney's Office that famously brought very serious charges, including homicide, against six police officers, and failed to prove a single one.  In one case, there was a mistrial; in the next two, an African American judge acquitted the defendants on all counts; and after that, the prosecutor gave up, having achieved her principal goal from the outset, to wit, having smeared the cops without enough evidence to persuade anyone outside of street demonstrators and arsonists of their guilt.

Welcome to Charm City.

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The prosecutors doing this should be disbarred. This calls the justice system into disrepute, and it's blatantly discriminatory.

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