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News Scan

More MS-13 Victims in New Jersey:  Police suspect that the butchered bodies of four young men found last Thursday in a New Jersey RV park were more victims of the brutal MS-13 gang.   The New York Daily News reports that the victims ranging in age from 16 to 20 were killed with a sharp edged instrument.  Because of the brutality of the killings, the gang, which uses machetes and baseball bats to kill its victims, is the prime suspect.  Gang members are already in custody for the recent murders of several other New Jersey teens including two girls aged 15 and 16.  MS-13 is a Salvadorian street gang known for its brutality, which was formed in Los Angeles and has spread throughout the country.  Also, Joseph De Avila has this story in the WSJ.

Federal Judge Blocks Arkansas Executions:  A Federal District Judge issued a preliminary injunction Saturday to block the executions of two Arkansas murderers scheduled to be carried out Monday.   Alan Blinder of the New York Times reports that Judge Kristine Baker ruled that the drug midazolam, an anesthetic used to render the murderer unconscious, may not guarantee a painless execution.  The drug is one of the world's most popular sedatives, and has been used by at least six states for executions. The state had scheduled executions for seven murderers in April.  The Arkansas Attorney General has appealed the judge's ruling to the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals. 

Eight Teens Shot at Bay Area Party:  A car pulled up to a house in Vallejo, CA early Sunday morning and opened fire on a group of roughly 50 teenagers, injuring eight.  Michael Bodley of the San Francisco Chronicle reports that a party at the house was breaking up when the brown sedan stopped and two shooters began firing randomly into the crowd.  At least two of the eight victims suffered critical injuries.  The youngest victim was 13-years old.  Police are still searching for the suspects.    

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