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The "Supreme Court's new guy," so far

Brent Kendall and Jess Bravin have this article at the WSJ on Justice Gorsuch's initial days at the Supreme Court.  The title of this post comes from the article subtitle.  About all they have to report so far, of course, is style during oral argument.

While the new justice's future votes and opinions remain to be seen, his early style suggests, at minimum, that he will be not just a conservative justice but a forceful one, unafraid to articulate potentially bold approaches that may or may not attract support from his colleagues.

His sole opportunity to take a meaningful action so far came off the bench, when he sided with fellow conservative justices to let Arkansas execute three inmates, though he issued no opinion. The next chance to take Justice Gorsuch's measure comes when the court delivers new opinions in the coming weeks. He will have the opportunity to author one, perhaps two, majority decisions--and as many concurring and dissenting opinions as he is eager to write.

By "the coming weeks" I assume they mean through the end of the term, which could be as late as early July.

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