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Yet Another Anti-Death-Penalty Commission Report

There is yet another report by a commission on the death penalty, this time from Oklahoma.  All you really need to know is that this commission was put together by the Constitution Project, an anti-death-penalty advocacy group that masquerades as neutral.  The one thing you can be absolutely sure of is that any group put together by the Constitution Project will have been carefully selected to produce a report in accordance with their agenda.

The Associated Press predictably swallows the group's self-serving description hook, line, and sinker:

Oklahoma is moving forward with new protocols for executing death row inmates, despite a unanimous recommendation from a bipartisan study group that a moratorium on the death penalty remain in place, the state's new attorney general said Wednesday.
"Bipartisan" in what sense?  Having both Democrats and Republicans on the panel?  That might be true, but it would be irrelevant.  Having both sides of the death penalty divide fairly represented on the panel?  I haven't seen a Constitution Project panel yet that fit that description.

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