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Budget Deal: Border Security But Not New Wall

Siobhan Hughes reports for the WSJ on the deal to fund the government through September 30:

The deal also includes $1.5 billion for border security, with the money to be spent on technology and on repairing existing infrastructure, the aide said.
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But the package says explicitly that the money can't be used to pay for the construction of the new border wall that Mr. Trump has made a signature project, a blow to the White House.

Fine with me.  Border security is the true need, and in many places on the border the best bang for the buck may not be a physical wall.  Rome wasn't built in a day, and border security won't be either, so doing the non-wall parts first is fine.

And maybe come September 30 we could have an actual, annual federal budget instead of continuing resolutions with periodic shutdown threats.  Wouldn't that be nice? 

How would we get that past filibustering Democrats?  Here is my suggestion.
First, go back to the old procedure on filibusters where only one bill is before the Senate at a time, so a filibuster doesn't just block the bill at issue but it blocks everything, and the filibusterers have to actually talk the whole time.

Next, break the budget into three parts, in this order:  (1) the essential functions of government that everyone agrees we must have and are not controversial; (2) the parts the Republicans want and the Democrats object to; and (3) the parts near and dear to the hearts of the Democrats but not so much to the Republicans.  Then go ahead, friends, filibuster away.

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