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How Unhinged Is the Opposition to Sessions?

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This unhinged.  From the formerly respectable Above the Law:

My anti-Trump, #NeverTrump, #NotNormal bona fides are strong. I wanted Congressional Democrats to draw up impeachment charges before he even took office. I'm also NOT one of these "but Mike Pence would be worse" people. Pence is a problem, but one that exists within normal parameters of political problems. Trump is a cancer who needs to be irradiated from our body politic, and I truly don't give a damn how many "healthy" cells have to go down with him.

But if I could only take one scalp right now, the first one I'd take is Jeff Sessions. Not Trump, not Steve Bannon -- those muppets are here to put white males "back on top." The flaw in their plans is that white men are already on top, and they've been there for 400 years and counting in the New World. Trump and Bannon's false narrative that the white man is "losing" means that they don't really know what to do with all the power they've amassed. How do you win a game you've already won?

Jeff Sessions is not just here for the glory of white males, he's here for the oppression of others.

This has zip to do with manufactured ethics questions.  It's purely the product of race-huckstering hate  --  the Black Panthers with a pound of snark. 

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Attorney General Sessions was the main reason I voted for Former Secretary Clinton, and I believe my reason for not wanting him is the same as these hypochondriacs. There really is nothing worse than a competent member of the opposing team.

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