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Is the Klan Running Baltimore?

Baltimore is a model liberal city, progressive all the way.  Not a Republican in sight. When a small-time drug dealer, Freddie Gray, died under suspicious circumstances in police custody, the six officers involved were forthwith charged with numerous crimes, up to and including murder (none was convicted of anything, however).

The prosecutor, black radical Marilyn Mosby, held a campaign-style rally when charges were brought to announce that "our time is now," never quite defining who "our" referred to.  She has been quieter since fumbling away the entire case.

The mayor, at the time Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, famously declared that the Freddie Gray rioters and arsonists needed "space to destroy."  Her desires saw more success than Ms. Mosby's, as the rioters took her up and torched a nice chunk of the city.

Then just in January there was the last gasp of Loretta Lynch's DOJ, engineering a stifling police consent decree with a half-clueless and half-complicit city.

So now what do we have?
Here's what:  "Murder rate soars in Baltimore, hits five month high."  

The number of homicides is more than 30 percent higher than this time last year and the number has climbed about 85 percent when compared to three years ago.

"No one is proud of this violence," said Baltimore police spokesman T.J. Smith in May. "It shouldn't be tolerated. We should be doing what we can to make sure there is not another person who is associated with that number."

I have a suggestion for a slightly revised police statement:  "This travesty is going to stop. If the consent decree is part of the problem in the murder surge that began immediately after its entry, the price is too high.  There is only so much bloodshed we are going to tolerate."

The city's murder rate is among the worst in the nation and has outpaced the level of violence seen in the 1990s, when killings routinely topped 300 annually. It also surpasses rates in Chicago and New Orleans, cities also struggling with gun violence....

The District [of Columbia] has fewer than seven murders per 100,000 residents. Baltimore's homicide rate triples that, with roughly 24 murders per 100,000.

Baltimore is still struggling to regain its footing after riots broke out in 2015 following the death of Freddie Gray, a man who suffered a fatal injury while in police custody.

"Guns, gangs and drugs are what's driving much of this," said Smith, as he pleaded with Baltimore families to reach out to troubled friends and relatives.

"This is about all of us stopping the violence," he said. "If you know you have a loved one that's involved in guns, drugs and gangs; they are at risk."

Notice that Officer Smith did not say racial discrimination or harsh sentencing was at the root of this disaster.  Instead, it was chosen criminal behavior  --  behavior that can be changed.

Even with that, his prescription was not without some politically correct spin.  With all respect to Officer Smith, It is not about "all of us" stopping the violence.  It's about the criminals stopping the violence, which means giving them an industrial strength incentive  --  like stiff prison terms  --  to clean it up.  And the people "at risk" are the victims of those involved with guns, drugs and gangs, not their victimizers  If the official spokesman for Baltimore is actually incapable of differentiating the predators from the prey, that right there tells you a lot about the problems that city is facing.

The "progressive" voices and their playpen cliches' about community trust see the world upside-down. It's not bake sales and midnight basketball that encourage community trust in the police; it's the police doing their job  --  suppressing crime. Citizens aren't paying taxes for therapy.  They're paying for safety.

The police have been providing less and less safety, not because they like it that way, but because a poisonous, anti-enforcement ideology has taken hold.  One has to wonder whether Baltimore's black citizens, who are  overwhelmingly the victims of this on-going crime wave, would have been better served if their policing had been taken over by the Imperial Klud.

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