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One Per Curiam Reversal from SCOTUS Today

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The U.S. Supreme Court today released orders from its conference last week, opinions in several argued cases, and one summary per curiam opinion.  There were no criminal law cases accepted for review or decided after argument.  However, the summary opinion was yet another reversal of a federal court of appeals for failure to respect the limits Congress placed on its authority to overturn state judgments for mere disagreement with a state court on an unsettled question.

Virginia v. LeBlanc, No. 16-1177, involves the rule of Graham v. Florida that a person under 18 at the time of the crime cannot be sentenced to life without parole for a crime less than murder.  The Fourth Circuit had disagreed with the Virginia state courts on the question of whether the state's "geriatric release" program provided a sufficient possibility of release to satisfy the Graham rule.

The Court today holds only that the Virginia trial court's ruling, resting on the Virginia Supreme Court's earlier ruling in Angel, was not objectively unreasonable in light of this Court's current case law.
Thanks to federalist for noting the error in the previous, now deleted, post.

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Once again, a familiar pattern, a Court of Appeals judge appointed by a Democrat authors an AEDPA opinion in the face of a dissent by a GOP-appointed judge, and SCOTUS summarily reverses the Court of Appeals.

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