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Release Prisoners to Save Tax Dollars. Oh, Never Mind.

The Oroville Mercury Register has this editorial.

Reducing the massive prison budget was an unspoken incentive that helped some citizens buy into the state's alleged reforms: More criminals would be let out of jail, but at least costs would go down.

Wrong. Despite a smaller prison population, the state hasn't cut payroll.

The result is that the cost to house an inmate has skyrocketed to a record $75,560 in the next year, according to the state Legislative Analyst's Office. That price per inmate has more than doubled since 2005 and is the highest in the nation.
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So, to review: California residents got fewer prisoners, higher costs and more crime out of all this "reform." What a deal.


This is much a story about the $$/benefits for prison guards, no? Hasn't Gov Brown cut a lot of sweet deals with the guard unions?

I think it's a story about the flagrantly false promises of cost savings that California's "sentencing reform" advocates made in order to get their proposals adopted. I also think the "reform"-pushing Governor, Jerry Moonbeam himself, would know more about his sweet deals with public employee unions (a strong source of Democratic contributions) than Kent, Mike or I would.

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