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Cal Supremes Limit Habitual Felon Releases:  In the face of the enactment of multiple laws reducing the consequences for crimes, the California Supreme Court announced a decision Monday giving judges broad authority to deny sentence reductions for habitual criminals.  Maura Dolan of the Los Angeles Times reports that the court's 4-3 decision resolved questions raised by the adoption of Proposition 36, which made criminals with two prior violent or serious crimes eligible for early release if their third strike was for a crime defined as nonviolent or nonserious, and Proposition 47, which converted theft, fraud, and drug felonies valued at under $950 into misdemeanors and allowed those serving time for those offenses to petition for early release.  The definition of eligible defendants under Prop. 47 was that they did not pose a risk of committing violent and serious crimes.  In its decision, the court's majority said that that definition did not apply to third strikers serving 25-to-life sentences for two violent or serious priors and a nonviolent third felony conviction.  In his dissent, Justice Goodwin Liu wrote that the majority concluded that "the drafters of Proposition 47 pulled a fast one on an uninformed public," which he disagreed with.  The CA Secretary of State reported that the ACLU and two Soros funded groups pooled $5.8 million of the $8.5 million spent on adds supporting Proposition 47, "The Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act," while state law enforcement and victims groups cobbled together $434,000 to oppose it. 

Cop Hater Kills NY Officer:  A repeat felon who expressed his hatred for police on Facebook was shot and killed by officers responding to the unprovoked shooting of an NYPD officer earlier today.  Colleen Long and Jennifer Peltz of the Associated Press report that Alexander Bonds was seen on security video approaching a parked police vehicle where Officer Miosotis Familia was writing in her notebook.  According to her partner, Bonds fired one .38 caliber shot through the side window into Officer Familia's head, then ran off.  Officer Familia's partner radioed for help and responding police caught Bonds a few blocks away and shot him when he pulled a gun. Bonds had been paroled in 2013 after serving time for armed robbery.  He had priors for drug dealing and assaulting an officer.  Don Thompson of the Associated Press reports that last week, a 25-year-old Sacramento Sheriff's Deputy was shot in the face by a convicted drug dealer linked to a 2008 double murder.  Police arrested the suspect, Nicory Marquis Spann, who was hiding in a nearby hotel.  The officer, Alex Ladwig, was seriously injured but is expected to survive.  Span is facing charges of attempted murder of a police officer.


to: CJLF
re: Cal Supremes Limit Habitual Felon Releases:

I only learn of CA from relatives, so is this as it seems to me, i.e.
liberal numbskulls (CA Sup. Crt.)
slightly limiting the death and damage caused
by more loathsome liberals (CA Legislature & Gov.)?

Or were there any anti-criminal realists on the court?

Proposition 47 was an initiative, neither the Governor nor the Legislature. With a pot of Soros money, the proponents did hoodwink the people. As a result of Monday's decision, an exceptionally sneaky provision does not further weaken the Three Strikes Law, which was not supposed to be part of Proposition 47 at all. This is a good decision.

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