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News Scan

 CA Gun Control Hits Roadblocks:  Multiple problems are preventing enforcement of California's latest gun control laws.  The Washington Free Beacon reports that a new law expanding definition of illegal assault weapons failed to be submitted for public comment under the state's Administrative Procedures Act, preventing implementation for at least six months.  Another law which allows the state to confiscate magazines holding more than ten rounds has been blocked by a federal judge who held that it may be a violation of the Heller decision.  Another law restricting ammunition sales to state licensed retailers cannot be enforced because of delays in producing the regulations and making the application process available. 

Multiple Assaults on Prison Guards Probed:  In May, 120 inmates at California's Pelican Bay prison assaulted eight corrections officers in the exercise yard.  Don Thompson of the Associated Press reports that authorities still aren't sure if the assault, which sent the guards to the hospital, was planned.  On Monday, a San Diego prison inmate broke the nose of a corrections counselor and three other inmates attacked responding officers.  Last Thursday, three other officers were hospitalized after an assault at the same prison, and there were two other inmate-on-guard assaults later that day.  Multiple attacks on corrections officers are rare and the state is investigating the possibility that they were not random.

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